The Mark of Fallen Flame

Book 1 in the Weapon of Fire and Ash series.


The balance between good and evil comes down to one girl.

But is the darkness really so bad?


A seventeen-year-old girl just trying to find a place in an unsteady world. With her mother moving them around her entire life, no one has been permanent.

When senior year begins, Emma is determined to sink some roots into Seattle and finally start living life. Especially when she discovers she has the power to kill terrifying monsters with a single touch. Suddenly, an entire supernatural world explodes around her.

The new boy in school that is mysteriously in every one of her classes is too beautiful to be human. Her best friend is acting strange, and her mother’s lies may finally be too many to contain. The protectors of the human race—the Giborim—are more than a little eager to use Emma’s power in the war that’s coming. But her allegiance may be forced in order to save everyone she loves.


Shediem. General of Sheol. Servant and confidant to Asmodeus, Prince of Wrath.

Spying the wild, auburn beauty with eyes like emeralds for the first time, Levaroth doesn't know what comes over himself. He has to get closer. She smells of sunshine and purity. You may not think that’s something you can smell, but you can. It’s rarely untainted, but with her…She can’t help but care about everyone she meets, and he needs to know why. So he watches her, learns about her. But something is changing in him. Shediem do not feel emotions, they taste them. They devour them. Yet his kills are less satisfying and all he can think about is her face. Her disgust. But she can’t be pure if she’s to be his. And he will have her.

"W-what are you?" the man sputtered.

"I am many things," he answered.

"Nightmare. Monster. Beast. Death."

The Spellcaster's Weapon

Book 1.5 in the Weapon of Fire and Ash series

Ever since that night in the alley, strange things have been happening to Adrianna and now Emma is missing. All at once, it seems her whole world is crumbling, especially when people’s memories of the Shediem attack from the homecoming dance are suddenly returned. With no other choice, she trusts in the odd freshman girl that claims to have answers. But she didn't expect answers concerning her mother who abandoned her seven years ago. And just when she begins to learn who she is and what she’s capable of, the ruthless, yet handsome Shediem General, Tlahaz, steals her away to Sheol to perform a spell only she can do. As sparks fly between the two, war draws nearer, and Adrianna must accept her role in it all.

"Her blood was sweeter than her scent. The magic in her veins was a bite of spice as it coated his tongue."


Book 2 in the Weapon of Fire and Ash series


Emma is in a race against time to save her mother and rid herself of her father's control before war begins. Everywhere she turns she only falls deeper into the fabric of lies that threaten to suffocate her.

With the help of her friends--and an unlikely ally--she just might make it out alive. But who will she be when the call of the darkness is too much to bear?

Levaroth is locked up and being tortured for his loyalty to Emma. Bound together in dreams and visions alike, he struggles to hold onto the last scrap of light that's slipping through his fingers.

Adrianna, with her familiar, Athena and her brooding captor, test the limits of her confinement, and her resolve to fulfill the prophecy.

All is fair in love and war. That's how the phrase goes. But betrayal and secrets could unravel alliances, friendships, and peace.


To serve and protect as it was decreed.


© 2023 by EK

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