On the Far Side Finalist (2018) & Bronze medal Reader's Choice Winner! (2019)

The Mark of Fallen Flame:

Book 1 in the Weapon of Fire and Ash Trilogy

Two days before the start of senior year, Emma Duvall is attacked by creatures that hunt from the shadows. A hidden world that exists within her own, explodes around her as she is faced with menacing creatures of the deep, ugly venomous creatures with voices so beautiful they bring humans to their knees, and a wicked beast with eyes the color of blood.

When she touches them, their dark powers flow into her, awakening a hunger in her that had laid dormant for seventeen years. The darkness is seductive when it deals in rage. And rage is exactly what she needs to survive.

Not only must she keep her powers a secret, she must also contend with the new boy in school. He is both dangerous and unnaturally handsome, drawing her in like a magnet. What she can’t explain is why being close to him causes her physical pain.

And those that hunt the monsters of the night—the Giborim—sworn to protect the humans, find that Emma may be just as monstrous. Except the striking, centuries-old, Blaze, who seeks revenge for the mother and sister he lost. Emma will do anything to impress him and earn his trust. Including using herself as bait to ensnare the final piece of Blaze’s vengeance.

War between the two races is looming on the horizon as the wicked creatures of nightmares seek to enslave humankind. When Emma is thrown in the middle as the ultimate weapon, she must allow herself to be wielded…just long enough to save the world.

For when the raging fires of her wrath are unleashed, the world with be painted in the ashes of her enemies.

The Spellcaster's weapon: Book 1.5

Coming Nov. 22nd, 2019

Emma's missing. Strange things are happening. Like blowing things up when Adrianna's brothers fight. Or that super fun time that she nearly killed Sean when he was being his usual douchey self.

Then everyone gets their memories back from the night of the dance and some self-proclaimed king of the underworld talks to Adrianna. He knows her name.

To make matters worse, when Adrianna finally starts to get some answers, a high-ranking Shediem--a General to be exact--abducts her and demands that she perform an impossible spell.

When things heat up between them, Adrianna decides to do whatever it takes to survive.

For Emma.

For her family.

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